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What to Expect

Your First Session Explained

  • Before Instruction: I will send you a registration form to fill out for you and your spouse. This form asks questions about medical history and medications, which will be kept confidential.

  • I appreciate payment before or at time of instruction and send an invoice through Paypal.

  •  Online Instruction: I use Google Meet and will send you an invite to the chat room via email just prior to our scheduled session. Expect to see a happy face!

  • Expect Instruction to last at least an hour. With special circumstances, initial instruction can be anywhere from 60-90 minutes, depending on your prior NFP knowledge.

  • After Instruction: I send you a follow-up email with PDF files of charts to use, quick-start protocol sheets, and the Marquette Model NFP Manual. I will address any relevant information or questions that came up during the session, and an optional evaluation for you to fill out. 

What to Expect: Welcome
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