What to Expect

Your First Session Explained

  • Before Instruction: I will send you a registration form to fill out for you and your spouse. This form asks questions about medical history and medications, which will be kept confidential. I will also provide you with PDF files of charts to use, quick-start protocol sheets, and the Marquette Model NFP Manual.

  • I appreciate payment before or at time of instruction and send an invoice through Paypal.

  • For Online Instruction: I use Google Meet and will send you an invite to the chat room via email just prior to our scheduled session. Expect to see a happy face!

  • For In-Person Instruction: I have met clients in their homes, but can also arrange for a neutral meeting space. I bring my own equipment to assist in making instruction smooth.

  • Expect Instruction to last at least an hour. With special circumstances, initial instruction can be anywhere from 60-90 minutes, depending on your prior NFP knowledge.

  • After Instruction: I send you a follow-up email with additional information, any relevant information that came up during the session, and an optional evaluation for you to fill out. This helps me identify what is working (and more importantly, what isn't!)